Gỏi cuốn (Vietnamese Summer Rolls)

The good stuff:

  • Vietnamese Summer Rolls are one of my favourite things, especially when the weather starts to get a little too hot! They are cooling, refreshing and as colourful as they can get!
  • Essentially a salad in a roll (that comes with an awesome dipping sauce), it’s a great way to get a good amount of vitamins & minerals from raw veggies in a really fun way.
  • Rice paper are low calorie (approx 20 calories per sheet) and gluten free (but check to see there is no wheat in the ingredients- I’ve never come across it in the ingredient list).

You’ll need:

  • Rice paper
  • Veggies of your choice- finely chopped
  • Fresh herb of your choice (I like cilantro or mint)
  • Optional add-ons: sesame seeds, scotch bonnet, avocado, scallion, etc
  • A large bowl filled with water (the diameter of the bowl must be larger than the rice paper)*

The process:

Prep all your veggies and add-ons. Be sure to shop veggies as fine as possible. It can literally be as basic as you want it to be- I used pak choy leaves (sooooo nutritious! read more about pakchoy here), carrots, cucumbers, red bell peppers, cilantro, sesame seeds.


Then soak the rice paper in the bowl filled with water. After about 30 seconds, carefully check to see if it has softened. If not, let it in there for another 30 seconds. You will have to handle the sheets very carefully- once they are soft & supple, remove them from the water. There is a smooth side of the paper and a textured side. Place the textured side facing down on a chopping board.

And start by placing your fillings. I often start with a sprinkle of sesame seeds (excellent source of calcium) and the fresh herb.


Then place your other fillings- make sure you don’t overstuff it though- so you can comfortable roll the rice paper.


Fold the sides first then start rolling the summer roll … into a roll 😀


And voila 😀 Be gentle as you roll- take your time. Make as many as you want- I often make them a day ahead and take have them for lunch at work the next day 🙂

BUT! The most important part is the dipping sauce!

These summer rolls are best enjoyed with dipping sauces and you can get as creative as you want! Here are some quick & easy ones to whip up:

  • Pickapeppa Spicy Mango sauce + Low Sodium Soy sauce (yes literally- I randomly put these together one day and it was awesome)
  • Peanut butter + Low Sodium Soy sauce + Lime juice + pinch of garlic powder + water to thin it all out
  • Low Sodium Soy Sauce + finely chopped garlic + finely chopped scotch bonnet + finely chopped scallion 


  • You can replace soy sauce with coconut amino sauce (which I prefer)
  • If you don’t have a bowl large enough to soak the rice paper, just turn your tap on and run the rice paper under the water until it softens up.



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