HI THERE! Welcome to Nana’s Kitchen, where I’m challenging everyone that plant-based vegan is easier than you think!


Nana- that’s me. Well, my real name is Marianna, but to friends and family (and now, to you) I’m known as Nana 🙂

And I’m the passionate food-loving author behind this blog.

Launched on November 16th, 2017, I’ve been on a mission to put out as many fun, flavorful, nutritious, easy-to-make recipes straight outta Jamaica! Nana’s Kitchen is here to challenge the idea of vegan being “boring” and “expensive”- because in fact, it’s not!

Many people want to eat & feel healthier, but the sound of “vegan” intimidates them or doesn’t excite them at all! Meh! Using mostly everyday, accessible ingredients from this beautiful island, I handle every aspect of the content you see here: from recipe development to write-ups & photography. I’ve also worked on a couple of recipe videos with the awesome Yannick Reid, who is an extra talented Jamaican visual artist.

I’m largely self-taught (thanks to my awesome food-loving family and especially my most amazing mother) with a short stint in the prestigious Michelin-star kitchens of the Hotel de Crillon in Paris, France. It was tough (these kitchens are no joke!)– but it taught me the discipline it takes to take your passion a step further.

I have been cooking for so long now and I hope to cook until forever after! It’s what makes me happy, it’s my passion- and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that you can never run away from what you love. 

As a global citizen (French/Syrian/Egyptian, born in Greece), Jamaica has become my home for the last three years and I blog out of my small kitchen in Kingston 🙂

See you later on the blog and on Instagram @missmariannaf

You can also see my work on other platforms- listed below. Prior to Nana’s Kitchen and being a full-time vegan, I was blogging as “Swirl & Scramble” since 2007 🙂 Click on the links below to check out my work on various platforms, from my vegan and pre-vegan life 🙂