Friends! We are ready for a first Nana’s Kitchen Intuitive Cooking Class, taking place in Kingston, Jamaica on Sunday 11 March! 

I’m very excited about this 🙂 But first…


Intuitive Cooking Classes are about skills and creativity- not recipes. While recipes are great, they are also rigid and don’t leave much space for ideation or self-sustainability. Many times, we’re in our kitchen stuck with a few ingredients and don’t know how to put them together. Yet, for every ingredient, there are 101 ways to use it. However, tapping into the 101 ways means an understanding of how different things work- because while cooking is creative, it’s also a science! And this becomes even more important when you’re dealing with mostly fresh produce vs hyper processed foods that come in a box 🙂 Hehehe 


Intuitive Cooking Classes are super fun, here’s how it works! 

I’m taking in a small group of 3 people in my ordinary kitchen with my ordinary tools- so you don’t have to leave feeling intimidated or defeated about the idea of cooking plant-based without spending thousands on devices or ingredients.

When you sign up, I’ll send you a list of ingredients. You’ll choose 2 ingredients. Every participant chooses 2 ingredients, and I’ll choose 2 as well.

On the day of, the ingredients we all chose will already be in my kitchen. We’ll meet and discuss each item- how they actually work, the science of  each ingredient and how we can collectively brainstorm to make one, or more, meals with these ingredients!

You’ll leave with skills, a new recipe AND I gift each of you a cotton canvas tote bag, that you can use for the years to come 🙂3

This introductory price is $2,800 JMD/person- tote bag and ingredients included.

Deadline to sign up: Wednesday 7 March. Deadline to select ingredients: Thursday 8 March.

To sign up, send me a message HERE. It’s as simple as that 🙂

See you soon!