Plant Based Cooking Programs by Nana’s Kitchen

The connection between physical health and our diet is more and more evident- and many of us want to heal from the inside out. Yet with our increasingly busier lives, it can be hard to find the time to cook- and even more so, finding great tasting plant-based vegan food on the go.


Sometimes, we can also come to believe that vegetables can’t be part of an enjoyable experience- but that’s simply because we haven’t taken the time to celebrate them enough and explore the countless delicious ways to use them in our kitchen.

Unlike most generic cooking courses, Plant Based Programs at Nana’s Kitchen are customized around your lifestyle so that you can eat good to feel GREAT!


Instead of a one size fits all model, my programs include a free preliminary consultation where we dig into understanding your needs & concerns. We also make the time to talk about your health, existent cooking skills & tastebud preferences.

That way, once the cooking part kicks in, we’re sure to make it as realistic as possible- so that it’s sustainable knowledge that you’re being equipped with. Knowledge that you can maintain in the long run.


Level 1 Plant Based Programs focuses on cooking skills only. Meaning: we demystify vegetables and explore easy & extra tasty ways to integrate them into YOUR kitchen and YOUR lifestyle. We build off of our 1:1 conversations to tailor recipes that work for YOU.

I’ll bring the ingredients & we’ll cook in your space with your equipment (to make it as relevant & realistic as possible). 

You can select the from the following options:

  • 1 star ingredient x 3 recipes: $12,000 JMD / $120 USD
    • Exploring 3 creative ways to use 1 star ingredient, ex: callaloo, cabbage, pumpkin, etc, and turn them into delicious meals! 
  • Mastering Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner (3 recipes) $18,000 JMD / $180 USD
    • Playing around with lots of ingredients to focus on the meal segments you need the most help with OR coming up with a standard day meal plan. You tell me which is the most important time of the day for you: morning, noon or evening…or all three! 
  • Meal Prep Samurai (3 meals + 1 snack): $22,000 JMD / $220 USD
    • This option allows you to build a meal prep plan for a work week, but also ace strategies that allow you to work efficiently in your kitchen to save significant time and minimize spoilage! 
  • Special Oil-Free Cooking (3 recipes): $20,000 JMD / $200 USD
    • More people are looking to cut out oils and excess fat out of their diets. And the good news is that it’s TOTALLY possible to create DELICIOUS meals with zero unnecessary fat. I’ll share recipes & techniques with you,so you can eat your way through an optimal nutritious & clean diet. 
  • Cheat Sheets (as an add-on only): $2,000 JMD / $20 USD
    • Get some bonus points by asking for our special cheat sheets which include lists of good & bad foods to choose from, check lists of what you need to be consuming throughout the day and product label FAQs.

All prices above include cost of ingredients (except for salt, black pepper & oils) and are for Kingston area only for groups of 2-3 people. Outside of Kingston subject to an additional transportation fee. Larger groups: price may vary. 


Sometimes, we want the confidence to make the right choices at the supermarket. These can be for simple grocery journeys to pick up a snack or quick bite… or because we’d like to better understand products & read labels and know how to choose the best ingredients that will end up in your very own kitchen.

You can use level 2 as an add-on to level 1 if you’d like! 

  • A Trip to the Supermarket $5,000 JMD:
    • We figure out which aisles we need to focus on and where to find the best products, read the labels and crack down on all the sneaky marketing & labeling tactics that can sometimes lure you into buying the wrong things! Kingston only.


Ready to take the step to create foods that will taste good and make you feel great? Let me know by contacting me HERE. If something is unclear or if you would like specific tailoring, feel free to ask me further questions!