I fell in love with the most vibrant & mesmerizing turmeric earlier this year after meeting an incredible vendor, Mr.Thompson, at Coronation market.

I always approach food with a lot of passion and care. It took months to come across this turmeric! Months of sniffing all sorts of ground turmeric products, extensive reading about its properties and lots of research about the ground spice business in general (and sadly, all the fillers that come with it).

Finding this turmeric was a labour of love- to say the least- and my relationship with vendors or farmers alike is always one of utmost respect. It’s a very sacred relationship for me. 

Turmeric comes from the same family as ginger- and its root is used as a spice in cooking. It also has a thousand year history in traditional medication across various cultures. You can use it in so many delicious ways: get some inspo on my blog or on my Instagram. You can also use it as a dye 🙂

Globally, Turmeric only grows in a handful of countries: Pakistan, China, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand and India- which is by far the largest exporter of turmeric covering 80% of world production. Part of it is due to it’s higher curcumin content (5-7%) and low oil volatility. Jamaica has traditionally not been able to meet global criteria with a 4% curcumin content and much more volatile oil.

However: there’s a catch to all of this. 

For starters, not all ground spices are pure. Unfortunately with growing demand, many are adultered with fillers that can range from rice flour, chalk to ground coffee beans or dried papaya seeds- depending on the spice. There is publicly published info about this FYI.

That’s why the ground turmeric you get at your supermarket can seem bland.

Another thing, is that most spice packs have been sitting on the shelves for months- possibly up to a year (if not more). This impacts the overall aroma & character of a ground spice. Finally, many spices are a mixed bag of various origins– meaning a jumble of different country spices all mixed into one pack which undeniably impacts the spark of a spice- as each soil & region differs.

Why would anyone want to compromise on the flavour and health benefits spices bring to your food?

But this ground turmeric I’ve come across is EXCEPTIONAL. For starters, it’s single origin: meaning it’s coming from ONE place only, and that’s Jamaica- specifically from the lush parish of Portland. Not from three different countries all mixed in one bag. Secondly: it’s vividly flavourful as it’s same-year harvest, and this batch in particular is barely a few weeks old. This is what truly sets it apart- as I’ve rarely ever seen such an aromatic ground turmeric before! A vibrant turmeric means using smaller amounts for maximum flavour. Thirdly: it’s equitable as it supports local farmers and and by extension- local vendors such as Mr.Thompson. Lastly, it comes with all it’s health properties: anti-inflammatory being an extensively studied benefit from turmeric.

Being so fond about this turmeric, I was inspired to create a delicious plant-based, vegan collection. These exciting products are now available for sale for a limited time only. 


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To place an order: send me a message HERE. Please indicate items & quantities & your location. 

Serious enquiries only- this is a project made with lots of love that honours this incredible turmeric. 



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