Hi friends! 

Some of you are familiar with za’atar, the quintessential Middle Eastern spice mixture that can be used in a million and one ways! It’s dreamy and adds so much flavour to your recipes- I use it in salads, rubbed on baked potato wedges, sprinkled on top of home made hummus, crackers, breads, and in savoury pancakes too! There’s also a popular belief in the Levant that za’atar makes the mind alert and the body strong- that’s why so many school kids are given an extra serving of za’atar before exams or important events 🙂

However did you know that there are over 20 variations of za’atar all across the Middle East?  They vary in colour and in flavour- although you’ll always recognize some thyme in the mix. With all the shades of za’atar out there- there is something for everyone 🙂

And there’s a special tradition in my family… 

Every year, my mother and I make a batch of za’atar from scratch. We hand pick different herbs & spices to create a magical flavour profile. My mother is the za’atar expert- so I know I’m working with the best 🙂

This year, we put together different spices, herbs and seeds for our 2018 blend. Prepared with so much thought & care- it’s something we’re happy to share! 

There are 6 different ingredients we put together PLUS flaxseed- for an extra health kick (we got a little creative this year!) Cumin, coriander, sumac (which is that special tang in za’atar), ground thyme, nigella seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds came together for this year’s blend.


We always toast the herbs & spices and some of the seeds in the oven to release all their aromas- which intensifies the overall flavour profile of our za’atar. It’s a very important step!

With that said, our Za’atar 2018 blend is now for sale ONLY through Nana’s Kitchen 🙂 As usual, I only sell via my blog to keep quality & costs under control.

$550 JMD for 80gr/2.8oz. Available in Jamaica only. 

If you’d like to place an order, all you have to do is send me a message by clicking HERE . I promise to respond to each and every message with an update and further info. It’s really that simple. 


It’s so delicious- you may want to enjoy in the most simplest (and traditional way): just with some olive oil & bread!