Zh’ourat – pronounced “zou-hoor- rat” – is a Middle Eastern herbal infusion typically made of various dried flowers, herbs, spices and leaves.


Growing up, my mother would make a different variation of zh’ourat every night before we went to sleep. She’d play around with ingredients such as rose buds, chamomile, verbena, anis, fennel, orange peel, cloves, hibiscus, etc etc…. she worked with whatever she had on hand.

And I’d love to share some of this traditional herbal tea with you as well!


I’ve mixed the infamous thirty-petalled Damask Rose with Egyptian Karkade and Moroccan Verbena for a dreamy beverage (that you can consume hot or cold). It is now available for sale (Kingston only) in limited quantities!  


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 1.40.22 PM

Price: $600 JMD per package (36gr)

To place an order: send me a message by clicking HERE . I promise to respond to each and every message with an update and further info. It’s really that simple.